Basketball Funhouse

So many fun things happen in basketball. We’ll try to keep track of them here.

Ep 56 out now, and here’s the current Proline Pick Standings!




Dec 4/2017 – Taking a look at the Raptors’ record since we started podcasting. These are definitely the golden years for the franchise!


Episode 51, hot quote from Alan on celebrations and why would let the players have a bit more fun with it.


Episode 50 Proline Picks.  Matt starts on top again taking tiebreaker with less games picked than the guests.

Ep 51 pro line

Freddie, giving his best take on a Pearl Jam/Beatles mashup. My Apologies to Nirvana.

Chuck Hayes will probably not be a Raptor next year, but we (Matt) still love him. Our tribute:

These Jalen Rose stories are the best. Vince “wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.”

This is exactly what happens when you try to pound Matt.

You’re supposed to watch this insane Vine compilation without blinking, like at all.

Brandon Knight = the “Charlie-Brown-trying-to-kick-a-football” of the NBA


He could be the next Larry Bird.

Because this should be on every single list. Even grocery lists:

This guy has been giving hope to anyone under 6 feet who has a dream to be in the NBA:

Hands down, Jordan’s most famous dunk: