Episode 6.107: Christian Smith & Paulina Vu

A huge, thunderous win in game 5 has put the Raptors up 3-2 in the series. Freddie is getting married, so we’re heading into a two-week break until he gets hitched!

RAPS: Balance scoring, scorching defence, blood and big dunks. What was the best moment of that game last night? Kawhi’s greatness: How should Raptors’ fans contextualize what they are seeing? How great is this? Nurse making moves! Playing Serge big minutes seemed to have turned the series. What can Philly do to counter our big lineups?

NBA: Is this the most wide open the playoffs have ever been or are the Warriors’ struggle a mirage? Is Denver the most underrated team in the NBA? Is Boston done? What should Danny Ainge do if they go out in 5?

Special guests on this episode: Christian Smith and Paulina Vu!


Episode 6.106: Alex Pavone & Alan Shane Lewis

Tough loss put the Raps into a 1-1 tie with Philly.

RAPS: Top disappointments from game 2: What went wrong? What went right for the 76ers? What’s the key for the Raps going forward?

NBA: Players VS Refs. Are things getting worse? What should be done about it? What’s the most exciting player VS player matchup in the 2nd round? Of all the 8 teams eliminated, who is in the best position going forward? Quickish Questions, molly sellers and Big & Tall clothiers!

Special guests on this episode: Comedians Alex Pavone and Alan Shane Lewis!

Episode 6.105: Jess Nicolette & Miguel Rivas

The Raptors have beat the Magic, first time ever winning a series in five! This is a new feeling for Raptors’ fans. What was the best thing about the Magic series? With a pretty locked-in, eight-guy rotation, would you change anything for the Philly series? Does anything scare you about Philly?

NBA: Bucks VS Celtics. Who you got? What did the Dame Shot mean for Portland/OKC? Houston, G-State, we got some round two speculations and opinions! We’ve got some sad and sick former Raptors, Hootie and the Blowfish cameos, Hunger Games cannons be banging and a hot Quickish Questions segment.

Special guests on this episode: Jess Nicolette and Miguel Rivas!

Episode 6.104: Bobby Brown & Tristan Douglas

The Raptors RESPONDED in Game 02 and we are tied 1-1 with the Orlando Magic.

RAPS: Is that the most impressive playoff performance ever from a Raptor? We talk favourite Kawhi moments in game 02. A tight loss then a historic blowout win: Is your faith restored and what’s the key to winning the series? Who has been the biggest disappointment for the Raptors so far?

NBA: What’s a bigger blow to the Warriors, losing Boogie for the playoffs or getting embarrassed at home in round 01? Non-playoff drama: Magic peacing out on LA, Luke getting fired and hired by LA & Sac, Griffin getting hired by the Pelicans & coaching searches for Cleveland, LA & Memphis. OKC, Detroit, Indiana & Utah. Who is getting swept?

And we, as always, top it off with some Quickish Questions and classic tomfoolery! Special guests: Bobby Brown and Tristan Douglas!

Episode 6.103: Cathryn Naiker & Alex Wood

We recorded during the Raptors’ final game where they thrashed the Wolves and finished one win shy of their franchise record with 58-24.

Raps: Last pod before the playoffs. Based on this season alone, which Raptors had a top 3 season? Raptors psyche – Do the playoffs have a different feel this year or same old panic? Has Nurse’s long game paid off or are you still a traumatized fan? Will the Raptors finish their first series in less than six games for the first time ever?

NBA: The 4/5 matchups seem semi-locked in. We predict Indiana VS Boston and Portland VS Utah. Who in the west can beat the Warriors twice in a series? Who was the most underrated player of the year?

Plus players turned special ed teachers and private coaches, Quickish Questions and so much more!

Special guests on this episode: Cathryn Naiker and Alex Wood!

Episode 6.102: Graham Kay & Katie Heindl

Raps are 55-23 with four games to go. How good is Danny Green? Nurse is solidifying the rotation, is there anything wrong with it? Raptors’ content is hot right now. We rank our favourites from Kawhi having a Canadian baby to the Gasol Bros on How Hungry Are You?

NBA: We discuss our pick for defensive player of the year, weirdest storylines of the year and Freddie quizzes the guests on how well they know the rosters of the NBA’s worst teams. We also have an important discussion about the ongoing Porzingis allegations and how teams needs to be better at addressing these situations.

Also got some quickish questions, a player with 17 siblings and before there was Spicy P, there was Hot Sauce!

With special guests Graham Kay and Katie Heindl!

Episode 6.101: Adam Christie & Jordan Foisy

Eight games to go for the 51-23 Raptors before the playoffs!
-What do you like more, point Pascal or centre Pascal?
-Gasol VS JV & Gasol VS Ibaka
-Playoff worries

NBA: -Who is the MVP? We pick the top three.
-LBJ misses the playoffs for first time since he was 20!
-Favourite potential first round matchups
-Quick-ish questions, reading levels, buzzer beaters and Chevy Malibus!

Special guests on this episode are a couple funny This Hour writers:
Adam Christie and Jordan Foisy!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.100

The Raptors got their 50th win for the fourth year in a row and we are celebrating our 100th episode! We’re doing a special call-in episode with ten of our favourite guests, all giving us their hot takes on various NBA topics!

Thanks so much for listening these past six seasons over four and a half years. This podcast has become a Raptors time capsule for the best seasons the franchise has ever had, and we’ve loved every minute of it. If you have a minute, please give us a rating on iTunes or Stitcher or whatever podcatcher you use and, again, thanks for listening.

Special guests on our 100th episode:

Kevin Dowse , Cathryn Naiker, Your Boy Brian, Alan Shane Lewis, Ryan Henry Andre De Pape, Ian Gordon, Jess Nicolette, Ben Miner, and Elisa Nobrega!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.99

The Raptors are 46-18 and going into the Houston game, they playoffs are getting closer!

Raptors: As we edge closer to the postseason, we talk potential first-round matchups. Kawhi Watch: Where are we at on his season?

NBA: Who should be more worried, the Lakers or the Celtics? Should the NBA change the regular season or the playoffs in any way?

Quickish Questions, Wall Street financial advisors, New Zealand tats, Man Boobs and so much more!

With special guests : Ryan Henry and Cathryn Naiker!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.98

The All-Star Weekend is over and the 43-16 Raps are ready for the final stretch. DeMar’s emotional return, this Friday! How do we feel about Kawhi at this point? The Raps are tied for 6th in offense, tied for 10th in defense and are 4th in net rating. What do we need to improve on the most to close out the season? Which Raptor is gonna finish the strongest?

NBA: We talk high/lowlights of the All-Star Game. NBA predicts 37 to 40 players will be free agents this summer. What does that entail? Which team is about to derail and become a complete trainwreck? Quick-ish Questions, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know segments and a lot of This American Life and In-N-Out Burger shit-talking!

With special guests Gary Rideout Jr. and Will Weldon!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.97

Huge changes again in Raptorland! They’re 42-16 and have once again pulled on our heart strings with a big deadline trade and buyout additions.

Raps: Marc-Mania: What was the best part of the Gasol trade? Linsanity: Are you Linsane for Jeremy? Saying goodbye to our guys (JV, Delon, CJ, Moose).

NBA: Trade deadline winners and losers. All Star game coming up! We pick our winners for the 3-point shootout & dunk off. Quick-ish questions, tell me somethings, special guests Matt McCready and Ennis Esmer!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.96

Raps remain dominant in the East with a 38-16 record. To deadline or not to deadline? Do the Raps need to make a deal? Is Kawhi out of the MVP race? As a Raptors’ fan, what does the phrase “all in” mean to you?

NBA: We predict some trades for Anthony Davis. Porzingis traded to Dallas! Most exciting rumours flying around, teams that are under the radar that need to make a move, Quickish Questions and more!

With special guests: Your Boy Brian and Mike Lee!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.95

The 37-15 Raptors are almost at full health. Minutes will be tight. CJ, Norm, McCaw & Delon all want to contribute. Most likely, at least two of them get benched. Which two and why? When Kyle is hitting from 3, he looks like a great second option. What should the plan be when he’s cold? Anthony Davis is on the market and the Raps are rumoured to be putting together a package for him. What do you think it looks like? Should we go for it??

NBA: We continue talking Anthony Davis and what the Pelicans should do. He’s come out and said he’s going to the Lakers sooner or later. Even Lonzo’s camp is coming out with trade requests now. What’s the best B Plot to AD? Do players have too much power in the NBA?

Quickish Questions and a little Tell Me Something I Don’t Know about….(Tune in to find out!)

Special guests on this pod: Producer Sheldon Alexander and PUP‘s Steve Sladkowski!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.94

36-14 Raps are playing hard with a consistently rested Kawhi. Nevertheless, so many good feelings right now.

Raps: We talk about what’s making us feel good about the Raps. Are we worried about Kawhi? Statistically, this team might be a bit worse than its record. What the hell do we make of that?

NBA: Did Cousins just ruin the season? What team isn’t tanking/re-tooling that needs to be? What new event should be added to the All Star weekend? Fun “Tell Me Something..” segment and a hot Quickish Questions round to finish it off. A sweet guest returns: Ian Gordon!

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Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.93

The Raptors are 33-12 and in the midst of a five-game win streak!

Raps: Good and bad Raptors’ trends. Do we McCare about McCaw?
How do we feel about this squad right now VS how we felt last year at this time?
NBA: Is James Harden underrated? Which player qualifies as a NBA leader? Quickish questions, Robert Archibald, John Salley and a lot more fun.

With special guests: Elisa Nobrega and Katie Heindl!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.92

Raptors are now 31-12. Raptor Revenge tour: What did Casey and DeRozan say when they hugged? We talk about how these games made us feel. Is there more revenge to come? Bye-Bye Brown! Any kind words for Lorenzo? Siakam had two career highs in one week. What’s next for Spicy?

NBA: LBJ might miss more time [rumoured to be out for season??], and Harden is coming on. Is Giannis becoming a runaway candidate? We frame the MVP race at the half way mark. The dust is settling in the West. Which non-playoff team is going to make a run? What other NBA narrative should people be talking about? Quick-ish questions, Furious 7, the Angel of Death and the first-ever Raptor.

Special guests on this episode: Miguel Rivas and André De Pape!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.91

It’s 2019! We’ve just witnessed Kawhi (and Siakam!) have a career-high game against Utah and they’re rolling into the new year with a 28-11 record.

To start off the year, we’re bringing back a fun call-in episode with a bunch of guests to help us out! We talk Raptors’ resolutions, NBA hot takes, we even assign Raptors’ players to our guests to give New Years resolutions for. Lot of fun on this one!

With special guests: Francisco Rivas, Jess Nicolette, Kevin Dowse, Ian Gordon, Roger Bainbridge, and Brian Winslow!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.90

The 23-9 Raptors have had some epic wins and some frustrating losses over their last ten games. Have they truly arrived?

Raptor Talk: It’s injury season for the Raps. Which healthy body makes the most of their extra time on the court? Secret Agent Lawrence Frank is spying on Kawhi. How do the Raptors stop the Clippers/other Kawhi suitors from hijacking their narrative?

NBA: The trade season has officially begun with a trade happening (not involving anyone named Brooks.) We talk the Ariza for Rivers/Oubre Jr. trade. Pace and space is giving way to more parity than we have seen in a while. What’s the most underrated/overrated team in the NBA? Quickish Questions and we tell you something you don’t know about Mengke Bateer, Nate Huffman and DeMarre Carroll.

Special guests on this episode: Duane Watson and Alan Shane Lewis! Happy holidays, everyone! Thanks so much for listening and rating on all our platforms.

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.89

Raptors are coming off a tough loss to the Bucks with Lowry finishing with zero points, but still maintain a strong 21-7 overall record. Are the Bucks better than the Raps? Kyle’s recent shooting slump: What do they do to fix it? Is JV the slowest player in the NBA?? Did former Raptor Tim Kempton once stuff an entire Whopper in his mouth? (Click to find out)

NBA TALK: Rookie of the year gets the most talk in this category, but what about sophomore of the year? Dirtiest Players in the NBA, Quickish Questions, and more!

With special guests: Ian Gordon  and Jess Nicolette!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.88

Raptors are facing Philly with a 20-5 record. It’s RAPTORS ESPN DAY. Is it all you ever wanted? Is Kyle being Kyle or more? Kawhi has a New Balance on life!

NBA: If the playoffs started today, what 8 NBA teams would make the playoffs? We do top-end ranking and pour one out for Carmelo Anthony! Quickish Questions, Tell me Something Segments…

With special guests Alex Wood and Bobby Brown!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.87

We’re at the quarter-mark of the season already and the Raptors are first place overall with a 17-4 record! How did Vince Carter scoring 25,000 against the raps make us feel? Kawhi VS Pop. What do you think of Kawhi’s leadership or lack there of? Siakam has been an absolute lock for the raps this year, every night.  Which player is a lock between OG/Fred/Delon?

NBA: Who is surprising you more, the Grizz, the Clips or the Kings? NBA has the highest pace and highest scoring since the 80’s. A 10-point lead is no longer a 10-point lead. What’s the new 10-point lead? Who is going to make the all-star game for the first time? Quick-ish questions and we tell you something you don’t know about Nico de Colo, Omar Cook and Greg Monroe!

With special guests Jason DeRosse and Matt Henry!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.86

Rough week! The 13-4 Raps never lost three in a row last year, but have already this year. Why did we lose three games in a row? According to the scheduling gods, the Raptors have had the easiest schedule in the NBA so far. What do you expect to see when things get a bit harder? NBA: The Warriors are not coming out to play. How does this all shake out? Is Durant leaving? What is the best story of the first month of basketball? Quick-ish questions, and we’ll (maybe) tell you something you don’t know about Pascal Siakam, Charlie Villaneuva, and Sebastian Tellfair!

With special guests: Patrick Ronan Stewart and Thomas Rivas .

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.85

Raptors are 12-3 and on a two-game losing streak with Boston next on Friday. RAPTORS: Casey’s revenge game. What stood out? A couple bad losses or an omen? Siakam is amazing & Monroe had a good debut. Is the depth on this team overstated? NBA: Butler in Philly. Who won the trade, did both teams win/lose? Is there trouble in G-State? What should be done with Carmelo Anthony? Quickish Questions, Tell Me Something.., and more!

With special guests Will Weldon and Dylan Gott!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.84

Raptors are coming in hot with a 7-1 start! Things are good! How good though? We talk out our early impressions. Nurse is de-emphasizing the bench, who is our 6th now? Do we actually miss Poetl?

NBA: We talk Struggling teams with talent (Houston, Washington, OKC). How good are the Bucks, Klay’s 14 3’s and the Cavs firing Ty Lue. Quick-ish questions and we’ll take some deep cuts on former Raptors Reggie Slater, Anthony Carter, and Shawn Respert.

Special return guests: Nigel Downer and Miguel Rivas!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.83

The Raptors are off to a hot 4-0 start, so we got lots of Raptor talk to get to. The Kawhi effect: He’s clearly making the whole team better, but whose game is benefiting the most? Nurse is looking great, we give our early takes and finish off Raps talk with an early season Raptors quiz. NBA: We do win-total predictions for all 5 currently undefeated teams: (Toronto, Milwaukee, Denver, Detroit, New Orleans) Pick a mirage team (a team that is out-performing or under performing their potential) and an extensive Quick-ish Questions round.

With special guests Ian Gordon and Ben Davies!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.82

NBA IS BACK! Raptors are going to the finals, you heard it here first! Raptor talk: What is the starting lineup/what should it be? What’s this teams greatest weakness? We all give our first-week outlook. NBA talk: Who is the first player of the month west/east? What’s going to be the dominant early storyline? Quickish questions, hot T.M.S.I.D.K. segments with producer Matt, Quickish Questions and more!

Special guests on this episode: Alan Shane Lewis and Chris Dart!

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Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 6.81

It’s the season 06 premiere, which means it’s time to gear up for the big season start next week! Kawhi is smiling and Danny Green is becoming his agent. Is Kawhi getting enough MVP love? What can we take away from the Raptors’ three pre-season games so far? “Pound the Rock” era is over. What era is this and how should we define it?

NBA: Murray’s out, Dwight’s injured, Phoenix’s GM has been fired one week before the season start, fantasy season is approaching so we test the guests on who led in each stat category last season. Quickish questions and more! With special guests Adam Christie and Joshua Elijah!

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Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 80

The preseason has begun, so we’re glugging red wine in excitement on this one! This is our last off-season special before season six.

Raps talk: Kawhi is healthy, talkative and very good. Now what? What has stood out so far in the preseason? Battle at Centre: Nurse looks like he made good on his promise and is only playing one C at a time. Should Serge start over JV?

NBA: Lebron is a Laker, Tony is a Hornet and DJ is a Maverick. What’s the weirdest? We also do a Depth Chart name game to test our guests’ NBA roster knowledge. Quickish questions and more.With special guests Neema Nazeri and Jarrett Campbell.

Thanks for listening to all our off-season specials this summer. We look forward to season six, the 2018-19 season of destiny! Please subscribe and rate on iTunes, we’d really appreciate it.

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 79

Kawhi has finally spoke (and laughed?) We got all your media day takes! Raptors:  Who is the leader of this team? Does Greg Monroe play and what does that mean? Masai’s rant– Is the “players don’t wanna play here” thing overblown? NBA: Jimmy Butler saga, should Thibs be fired? Like last week, we vote on the eastern conference top 8 playoff standings. Quickish question round and more!

With special guests: Gary Rideout Jr. and Tim Rabnett!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 78

We are three weeks away from our season six premiere and we still got lots to talk about heading into the season. Raps talk: Butler rumours wont go away. Could we? should we? What other spots make more sense? Bebe signed in Spain and he’s officially not coming back to Toronto. We talk our fav Bebe memories! We rate what makes us most nervous: New Nurse, weird Kawhi or aging Serge? NBA:  West playoff teams 1-8.  Who is the best dunker in the NBA?

Special guests: Roger Bainbridge and Nick DiGatetano!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 77

The Kawhi Leonard saga takes another turn with him buying a house in Toronto – does it mean anything or does he just hate renting? The Raptors’ press-day expectations, do we have any? We talk Sports Illustrated’s top 100 players, how do we feel about where the Toronto players on that list? Rules changes, quickish questions and more!

With special guests Alex Pavone and Jonathan Fried!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 76

Episode 76 – Deng is on the market, should the Raptors ring the bell and grab him or do we have too much depth already? DeRozan had a higher assist rate last season than Kawhi has ever had, is Leonard expected to become more of a playmaker or just be a defensive ringer?  Which of these summer takes will have the greatest impact: Norman Powell killing it in the off season, Monroe adding a 3 or JV showing well in Europe?  NBA… Favourite memories of newly retired Manu and West. Who has the best handles in the NBA?  What’s the best potential playoff matchup in the league? Quick-ish Questions and more!

With special return guest: Yaw Attuah!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 75

With help from the injury ghosts of Raptors’ past, we talk Raptor offense/defense ratings: will we see a change this year? Is Nurse gonna play Raps like Houston? Can JV handle extra touches? Can Kawhi do what Harden does? Who gets the ball to the corners? We then go league-wide asking who’s the biggest name to get traded during season, which active Canadian player finishes with the best career, and lots more. Special guests on this episode: Will Weldon, Jim Kim and Ian Gordon!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 74

Episode 74! We signed Kay Felder, what does that mean for Raptors? Kawhi’s buddy, Jeremy Castleberry, has been hired by Raptors. Is catering to Kawhi the right idea? How much should the raptors commit to resigning Leonard versus focusing on this year? Are the Raptors the deepest team in the NBA? Can Jonas play D in the playoffs? Have raps fans gotten too low on Serge? NBA -Who is the 2019 Oladipo? (Going from overpaid to underpaid). What is something another sport has that the NBA should adopt? The most overrated player in the nba is….? Rapid-fire questions to finish it off. With guests Peder Myhr and Matt McCready!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 73

We’re back from summer vacation! The Raptors got snubbed again on the Christmas Day game– Are we slighted or delighted? Where does the recently signed Moose fit in? Plus, we got a Kawhi/Masai/Drake conspiracy theory that’ll make you run wild and debate why the Raptors aren’t outright favourites to make the finals. We shift to the NBA to ask the question: Is the West overrated? What are the chances of making the playoffs now for the Spurs, Pistons, Nuggets and Cavs? Who’s the most underrated player in the NBA?

We finish it off with some classic rapid-fire questions! Special guests on this week: Ennis Esmer and James Rathbone!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 72

Well, we’ve just had the most emotional day yet as Raptors fans. The face of our franchise, DeMar DeRozan, has been traded along with Jakob Poeltl and a protected 1st round pick for Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green!

DeMar, you meant everything to this franchise and we really, really hate to see you go. Thank you for your loyalty, your hard work, your passion for Toronto. We look forward to your jersey being raised to the rafters one day!

We’re taking a vacation for a couple weeks but, before we do, we gotta dissect this trade from every direction we can! We got a bunch of phone-in guests on this episode: Kathy Rivas, Ben Miner, Thomas Rivas, Yaw Attuah, Brian Winslow, Alex Wood, Ben Davies and Katie Heindl!

Enjoy this special ep and we’ll see you when we’re back from vacation.

Thanks for listening!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 71

We recorded episode 71 a short while after hearing that the Raptors might be engaged in some Kawhi Leonard trade talks! Should we package Lowry for him? What is DeMar gonna look like playing D for Nurse? Should the Raps be favorites in the East this year?

We talk NBA topics like Tony Parker leaving the Spurs, Carmelo being let go by OKC [what’s his best fit?] and does anybody really care about Summer League?

Special guests on this episode: Roger Bainbridge and Your Boy Brian!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 69

Just before we recorded, we got some breaking news: The Raptors hired defensive coach from OKC, Adrian Griffin. Hot news for the hardcore fans! Should the Raptors have traded into the draft? What’s DeRozan’s trade value? Is there a favorite Bebe moment and should the team retain him? Plus we talk which team lost the 2018 draft, which team is the biggest wild card right now, NBA rumors and some janky-but-fun rapid fire!

We got some great guests on this episode: Ben Miner, Will Weldon and Tim Rabnett!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 67

We’re back in the Basketball Funhouse and we recorded just after hearing news that Nick Nurse has been hired as the new head coach of the Raptors! We talk extensively about what that means for the franchise. We also talk our favourite Raptor moment of the season, picking one skill to improve any player on roster, Decision 3.0 [where does Bron go?], KD and G-State’s legacy, rapid fire questions and much more!

Special guests: Graham Kay and Ian Gordon!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.66

Season 05 finale! We’ve had a great time and a lot of great guests this season. Thanks to everybody who listened and was a guest on the podcast. We will be continuing on with Off-Season episodes, but let’s finish this season off with some spice first!

Cover topics like will the Raptors be better or worse next year? What’s next for Norm? What trade lands us a superstar this summer? We talk NBA as well: How much does the regular season matter? Favorite narrative of the finals this year, Colangelo burner accounts and some rapid fire questions!

With special guests: Ned Petrie, Jess Nicolette and Peder Myhr!

Thanks again for listening! Please give us a rating on iTunes and/or Stitcher. We’d appreciate it so much! See ya in the Off-Season Basketball Funhouse!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.65

After a little teaser of a possible Boston/Houston final, we’re back to reality with a Cleveland/Golden State final for the fourth straight time. We talk Raptor rookie contracts, which two would you keep? Masai’s biggest mistake? Who do want to be the next coach of the Raptors? We also talk NBA, is there a parity? Thoughts on the Finals, rapid fire questions, a special WNBA announcement and much more! With Katie Heindl, Ben Davies and Nile Seguin!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.64

Episode 64! We’re pounding the rock one last time before Casey throws it off a bridge! Well, it happened: The Raptors fired Dwane Casey. We go over our favourite Casey moments, who they should hire to replace him, what trades do we gotta make, ponder the Ibaka contract dilemma, lots of NBA final four talk and so much more! Special guests this week: Matt McCready and Ian Gordon!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.57

Comb over and take a listen, it’s episode 57! Raptors are 41-16 and ready to get back at it. We talk Raps being 1st in East, Casey getting All-Star recognition (coach of year possible?), buyout candidates, a special Bruno Caboclo tribute, lots of all-star weekend talk, Freddie’s guest spot on NBA XL, Billy Crystal and My Giant! Special guest on this ep: Tristan Douglas!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.56

OV-Omy, it’s episode 56. Raptors are 32-15 going into the Lakers game and we’re hoping they respond. We talk OVO Night, JV vs the Shape of Water fish, Raptors defense, All-Star MVP picks, dino trivia, choosing which players would be good WWE heroes and villains, Proline picks and so much more!

Need something plumbed? Paradigm Plumbing with our guest Thomas Rivas for all your plumbing needs.

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.51

Episode 51, The Raptors are 11-6 and coming off a brutal loss to the Knicks (where they gave up a franchise-worst quarter of 41 points in the 3rd). With our special return guest, Alan Shane Lewis, we talk the current state of the Raps, their top five 3PT shooters, NBA talk, LaVar Ball vs Trump and Freddie (painfully) gives the Celtics some much-earned credit.

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 5.50

Season five premiere! Episode 50! The Raptors have been off to a confident start with a 4-2 record before the Denver game. Youth movement looking better than expected… Lots of Raptor talk, Cleveland woes, hot rookies, unexpected starts, Memphis’ bench, maximalize our Proline Picks, plus much more! Special guests on the premiere: James Rathbone and Alex Pavone!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 49

Episode 49 is ready to cool you down from this fall heatwave, so plug in! Is this Casey’s last season as coach of the Raptors? Will DeRozan add three-pointers? Which Raptors are set to regress this year? Also touch on the Carmelo trade, Summer of Durant, Trump vs sports and Ghostbusters 2, plus a lot more. Our guest this week, Graham Kay,  just launched his own sports podcast with past guest Alex Pavone called Friends and Sports! Check it out after you check THIS out!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 47

Episode 47! We give our thoughts on the Carroll/Joseph trades, the C.J. Miles acquistion, what’s going on with JV, fun segment ranking all 30 NBA coaches! We went extra long to give you as much summer content as possible! It’s Vin Diesel’s birthday, stare at your favourite American Gothic print and have a listen! Special return guest: Matt McCready!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 4.45

Season 04 finale is here! We’re back after a brief hiatus and we’ve got lots to talk about. What is up with Lowry? Was it a dissapointing season for the Raptors? Where do they go from here? NBA trades (even break a couple during the podcast!), and talk the 76’ers with our Philadelphia born guest, comedian Rodney Umble! Thanks for listening to season 04. See you in the Off-Season Funhouse!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 4.39

New Years episode is here! Drink some water, put an ice pack on your head and enjoy this hungover special: Raptors are coming off tough back-to-back losses but still sit with a decent 22-10 record. We’ve got Raptors talk, trades, refs, proline picks, new years resolutions and more! Fun-in-the-sun times with special guests Adam Christie and Marco Moltisanti!

Happy New Year from all of us at Confederacy of Dunks!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 4.38

Episode 38 is here and we’re delivering a festive special with a Toblerone, none of that Lindor goo! The Raptors are currently crushing it with a 17-7 record and some of us are loving JV’s bangs. We talk Raps, team leaders, Home Alone, proline picks, 2006, 2016, and so much more! Special guests this week: Patrick Ronan Stewart, Katie Heindl, and Mark Little!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 4.36

It’s post-super-moon time on Episode 36! Raps are in Cleveland tonight riding a 7-2 record, then a tough game against the Warriors tomorrow. Can DeRozan power his way past the top two teams in the league? Is Klay Thompson really on the trade market? If so, then is it true the moon isn’t real? What does the Trump win mean to the NBA? We’re recording this one from Biyombo’s old apartment! Special guests Jacob Duarte Spiel and Joe Malekzadah!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 34

We’re back with our final off-season special before the Season 04 premiere and we’re proud to say we’re officially on the Talkhole Podcast Network!  We got your Toronto Raptors talk, we’re all watching Kim’s Convenience, we got all kinds of NBA talk, a whole lot of wheeze laughing and you can actually hear the exact moment when the Jays’ season ended. Special guests this week: Comedians Patrick Ronan Stewart, Thomas Rivas and Ned Petrie!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 31

Training camp is getting closer and we’re starting to get pumped! We’re back in the Basketball Funhouse and Freddie’s down in a sewer with Pennywise the Clown! (That’s a metaphor for ‘he couldn’t make this one’). We talk the Olympic basketball, the new Raps jerseys, we air our expectations for each and every Raptor, we talk teams that are gonna fall out of the playoffs and teams that will jump back in the playoffs, and there’s even a little Family Feud in this one. Comedians on the pod this week: Jordan Foisy and Ned Petrie!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 3.30

Season 03 finale of Confederacy of Dunks is here! We drop some heavy talk about the Raptors’ off-season, the Durant signing, go through all the teams and give off-season grades, and wrap it up nicely with a tribute to Tim Duncan. Special guests on the panel this week: Comedian Patrick Ronan Stewart and casting director extraordinaire, Steven Mann!

We’ll be back with some Off-Season Funhouse specials before season 04 starts up in the fall. Thanks for listening!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 3.29

Episode 29! The Raptors have made it to the Eastern Conference Finals and we couldn’t be happier! (Well, after game one, we could be a bit happier…) We measure our expectations for the rest of the series and address a whole bunch of #other stuff. Special guest joining us: Comedian Ned Petrie! Have a listen before game two, please subscribe and rate on iTunes or Stitcher!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 3.28

Our hiatus has ended and we are back! The monkey is officially gone as the Raptors prepare for game two of the second round for the first time in 15 years. This episode of CODBP is our first ever panel show, and it went great! Special guest comedians on the panel: Chris Dart, Cathryn Naiker, and Adam Christie! We rip Lowry down past the bursitis to the bones in an attempt to figure out his playoff ordeal, contemplate a world where Drake is clapping for another team, and so much more!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 3.25

Happy New Year! We’re inching closer to the halfway point of the season. Sitting with a 24-15 record, Is 2016 the year DeRozan gets a max contract in Toronto, or is he going to bolt? We debate retiring Vince Carter’s number, DeMarre Carroll concerns, NBA news and name our top 5 moments that made us a huge basketball fan. Special guest: Comedian Simon McCamus!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 3.24

We’re all chugging crème de menthe, so it must be the holidays! The Raps are 18-12 after last night’s big Mav win. We talk DeRozan’s value, Lowry’s temper, western/eastern conference power shift, our should-be all-star picks and much more! We made sure our two amazing guests were loaded up on de menthe for this one: Ennis Esmer and Adam Christie!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 3.22

Season 03 premiere is here! Huge start to the season, and I’m not just talking about the Raptors’ 5-1 record. The great Steve Gennaro is on the show! (Raptors Republic, All In Sports Talk). We also got a pair of our favourite former guests on the show: Miguel Rivas and Elisa Nobrega! We give our NBA award predictions and reveal which NBA coach should be dating Barbara Walters by season’s end. Please donate to the Sports Connections Foundation. A great cause that helps kids!

Off-Season Funhouse Edition – Episode 20

Our new ep is up with a smash and we’re breaking Derrick Rose’s orbital bone in the process. We talk about the Raptors newly signed player, 2013 1st overall pick Anthony Bennett! Also, a special segment where we rearrange the divisions by skill, from crappiest division to most elite! (Tune in just for the division names, if anything.) Who better to make our 20th episode special than Cleveland-bred, Cav faithful comedian Ned Petrie!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 2.15

It’s the season finale of Confederacy of Dunks season two! But don’t worry, we’ll be continuing on throughout the summer with our Off-Season Funhouse episodes! It’s gonna get zannnny! In the final episode of season two, we say our piece on the NBA finals, talk some exciting Raptors’ news and create our own franchises! (apologies to PEI and Nova Scotia). Special guest this week is the fantastic Elisa Nobrega! Thanks so much to our guests and our listeners for a fantastic season two!

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 2.10

We’re back in like Lowry’s back is out: Indefinitely. The Raptors lost shortly after we recorded, giving the Bulls a season sweep and the Raps a record of 42-30 (although, they did still manage to clinch the playoffs!). Special guest this week is Peter McLaren!
We talk Steve Nash’s retirement, pick our projected playoff disappointments, and Peter has a bone to pick with Freddie about the Rockets.

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 2.07

After a nasty losing streak, the “baby-faced assassin” known as Lowry has teamed up with “Dirty Roses” DeRozan to swish home some wins. They ended up losing tonight, so the Raps are 33-17 and have lost two in a row, also dropping their first divisional loss of the season. Comedian (and brother to Fred) Miguel Rivas joins us this week! And he’s got a bone to pick with the casual fans.

Confederacy of Dunks – Episode 2.05

Happy New Year! The Confederacy of Dunks is back. It’s 2015. The NBA is getting closer to the halfway point of the season and the Raptors are 24-10, riding a three-game losing streak dating back to late 2014.
DeRozan is finally set to return after just about 6 weeks off, but will it make everything better? Is it time for some trades? Our guest, comedian Ben Miner, may have some New Year’s resolutions for the team.